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So let me tell you also what’s not cute about wedding dress shopping…back fat! And the sales associates attempting to squeeze your size 10-12 behind into an already too-small size six wedding gown…chile! When the associates bring out those big electrical clamps to hold all your business in and together, it feels like Huck and Quinn have unleashed their tortuous vices upon you. It ain’t cute.

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If ever you need a wake-up call about your daily caloric intake and looking your best on your wedding day, go try on a wedding dress. As some of you may or may not know, wedding gown sizes are approximately listed 2-3 sizes larger than your regular clothing size. So if you, on an average day, are a size eight, when you try on gowns they will bring you mostly size 12 and 14 gowns to try on. This will mess up your entire Tamar Braxton-issued life and I think the wedding gown industry intentionally does this to play Jedi mind tricks.

I don’t know about you, but hearing constant referrals to a size I am not, is totally dissatisfying and a downer.

I had already started putting on weight right before my now-fiancé left for his new job in his new city, however, once he was gone “for good,” my daily trips to fast food establishments could not be contained. I had managed to gain well over 15 pounds in a couple of months and it showed all in my face and gut. So needless to say after getting engaged and trying on a few Gawd-awful gowns, I finally committed to losing weight.

As a bride to be, you will try just about anything to see what works. I jogged when I spent time with my fiancé in the new city, went to the gym and temporarily lost my mind and tried Insanity when in New York. Shaun T and that little thang Tanya “tried it” with me on a daily basis. There is nothing I would not have given to be able to walk into that video and smack cam both of them. Don’t get me wrong, the results were great, but Insanity is just that…INSANE!

I also utilized an app called “Lose It” to keep track of my caloric intake as well as calories burned per day to assist in the weight loss. Though I willingly gave up certain vices (i.e. – Wendy’s burgers and bodega sandwiches), there was one thing…well, actually two things I refused to give up. These two things were Oreos and cocktails.

The good news is, I was focused and diligent about losing the weight and managed to lose 18 pounds in four months. I did not feel like I was denying myself anything, because I still enjoyed cocktails and imbibed in the sugary heavenly goodness of Oreos, so the weightloss was a great thing, not only for my wedding, but also for my lifestyle.

About the Author: She holds multiple degrees, is a natural born socialite, a business owner, an extreme exerciser of faith and a realist. After 3 years of dating and a year of being engaged, she is ready to tell the truth about what to expect when you are transitioning from being a single woman with no worries to a future wife. For the sake of these articles, let’s just call her Nina. After all, that was here “Club Name” for over 15 years….so yeah, introducing Nina.

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