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This just keeps getting worse and worse.


They say no good deed goes unpunished but for goodness sake how much is Khloe Kardashian going to have to publicly endure before she is no longer punished?  According to Perez Hilton, rumors are swirling all over the internets that not only is there a third woman making accusations of a relationship between Lamar and herself but that she is shopping a sextape around too!

So basically Khloe is dealing with a man that has a crack habit as well as mistress after mistress popping up…publicly telling their stories. Elin Nordegren you are officially off the hook girl! At least Tiger wasn’t also doing crack on top of everything else!

As these bombs keep dropping on Khloe sources are reporting that she is at a loss right now as to what to do. She’s been trying so hard to stick by Lamar and to keep him from harm regarding the drugs. This shows she’s committed to keeping her vows regarding the in sickness and in health part but Lamar has not been able to remember to forsake all others!

Her willingness to stand by this man says a lot about her belief in marriage and the strength of her resolve to help him get better. But what does it say about the strength of her will to do right by her own well being? How does one stay in a situation like this and not find their own mental health in jeopardy? We’re pretty sure they don’t. And if this is the reward that K.K. gets for sticking by her husband than we’d hate to see what a penance would be.

A source said:

“[Khloe] wasn’t going to leave Lamar. She was trying to get him help and work on forgiving him in an attempt to save their marriage. But this is just too much for her to deal with. Khloe still loves Lamar, but the emotional hits just keep coming.”

We commend Khloe for trying to ensure her husband gets better and we hope that he does but we don’t think she should be expected to do it at her own detriment. We don’t even want to say that we don’t think it could get any worse out of fear that we will find out it has. Khloe if you run for the one would blame you! And if you stay you are much better than most.

As for the chick shopping the sextape, we’d love to say there is no future for chicks who do things like that but the irony of speaking on girls in sex tapes with famous men who end up finding their own fame from it…in the middle of a Kardashian story just seems too ironic even for us to discuss! But we digress.


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