UPDATE: Tiny stepped into comments on #TheShadeRoom after Bernice’s snapchat video posted below: After rumors started growing that the model and rapper T.I. were having a fling, fans started coming to the defense of T.I.’s soon to be ex-wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris.  One fan commented to Tiny, saying, “Bernice be all over your HUSBAND ig. […]


Now, we've gotten a little more insight into the true nature of the song after "Sorry" songwriter Diana "Wynter" Gordon sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Buster Barnett is a former Buffalo Bills’ Tight End who played with the Bills for four years from 1981-1984. On Wednesday, July 15, Buster’s crazy jealous mistress, Lisa Brown decided to kidnap Buster’s wife, Sandra Barnett from their Georgia home. The mistress Ms. Brown had been seeing Buster for at least four years according to […]

  Word is that 60 Minutes reporter, Steve Kroft, has been cheating on his journalist wife, Jenny Conant.  The 69-year-old Kroft has acknowledged that for the last 3 years he been knocking down a married Manhattan lawyer named Lisan Goines. He’s since made a statement to the New York Post: “I had an extramarital affair […]

It’s finally here! The season premire of Scandal is tonight. When we left off it was a laundry list of craziness. Fitz won his reelection bid but lost his son in the process thanks to Rowan aka Daddy Pope. Olivia quit Pope & Associates and is on a plane headed to who knows where with […]

Mystery trouble-maker and alleged gold-digger V. Stiviano is being cited as the devil in the food cake! Okay, no not really, but she is being referenced as the woman who leaked the racist convos with her man-grandpa-lover and Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I thought it best I not join the league of people ready to point […]

On last week’s episode of Scandal entitled Everything’s Coming up Mellie (Click it if you want a recap, I won’t spoil it.) we were exposed to some very serious strong flashbacks in the Grant household. After seeing the flashback I have totally changed my thoughts on Mellie. I want to take this time to apologize […]


This just keeps getting worse and worse.   They say no good deed goes unpunished but for goodness sake how much is Khloe Kardashian going…

The woman who is alleged to be NBA player Lamar Odom’s mistress was spotted out in Hollywood partying on Saturday night/early morning. Peep the details at Mail Online Reports.

Ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury is a prime example of how not to conduct an extramarital affair. Marbury is currently being sued by his former mistress…

In an infamous murder-for-hire case with foundations in Houston, another layer is added. According to reports, key player Michelle Gaiser who admitted to hiring hit…


While we were all out celebrating Independence Day weekend, Maria Shriver declared hers on Friday, July 1st! She filed for divorce from former governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenneggar who she separated from earlier this year after finding out Arnold had extramarital affairs and a lovechild with their live in maid, Mildren Paena. TMZ has the […]