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Does Jamie Foxx have a thing for hooking up with his friends’ ex-wives? That’s the allegation hurled at the “Django Unchained” star, and an alleged tryst he had with Eddie Murphy’s ex, Nicole Murphy.

According to Diary of a Hollywood Street King, Jamie got his freak on with Nicole–alongside three other friends, HSK says attributing that juicy tidbit to his friend, Breyon Prescott:

“It was around the top of June when Jamie took Nicole Murphy up to his spot in Ventura. That’s where his boys jumped at the chance to get some. She’s a freaky one, that Nicole Murphy. She couldn’t get enough!.”

“Jamie sat in a chair to take in the live XXX entertainment. Nicole loves the bottle, but when she’s on that Molly she wants to smash … Period.”

Wowzah! Jamie has also been connected with pal Tom Cruise’s ex, Katie Holmes, who he allegedly had a little alone time with in the past.

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