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Nicole still seems embarrassed over the incident but she pulled it together to look into the camera and apologize to Lela publicly.

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LisaRaye is calling bull you know what on Nicole Murphy’s apology claiming she was sorry after she got caught locking lips with a very much married Antoine Fuqua. TMZ caught up with the actress, and she clearly had time that day putting Murphy on blast once again. Wednesday (July 24), Murphy issued an apology to […]

Hold up…so we now have multiple situations of people claiming that Nicole Murphy clearly has a thing for married men…or best case scenario she at least doesn’t bother to do her research when these married men approach her. But either way it goes now Da Brat is co-signing her sister LisaRaye’s twitter claims that Nicole […]

Whew! After she caught plenty of heat and drama on social media for locking lips with Lela Rochon‘s husband acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua, Nicole Murphy is walking back her original “family friends” statement and is outright apologizing for kissing Fuqua. “Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to […]

Source: Paul Archuleta/ Jeff Kravitz / Getty Nicole Murphy claims photos of her lip-locking with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua were just l “friendly” expressions of their “family friendship.” Interesting. A bikini clad Nicole can be seen kissing Antoine, who was simply wearing a towel, in leaked images of the duo in Italy. Nicole quickly […]

Nicole Murphy turns 50 years old today and by the looks of it, she’s found some sort of fountain of youth that has caused her aging process to simply come to a halt. Young people these days may know Nicole as the lady that Shannon Sharpe shot his shot at on social media or Michael […]

Nicole Murphy has good reason to be incensed, after a friend swindled her out $11 million.

He might as well have one more and make it an even number.

Nicole Murphy Stopped by 97.9 The Box Studios and talked about her new Destiny Moscato line, how she stays in shape and what’s going on in her love life.