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Was Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson the real victim in the physical altercation that ended his marriage with Evelyn Lozada? That’s what people are taking from Chad’s recent interview with the Broward Palm Beach New Times, in which he reveals he may have been the one who got headbutt by his ex-wife!

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Chad tells New Times that he feels it’s the job of a husband to defend his wife, even if it means taking a little abuse! But, should he have to shoulder the blame for abuse, if the allegations are true? More from Chad:

She’s the wife. That’s my job. To cover the story. That’s the way I was taught. That’s the way I was raised. If I’m your dad and I know you did something wrong, I don’t have a choice but to cover the story for you, whether you’re right or wrong. So for me, whether right or wrong or indifferent, if that’s who I’ve committed to even though I messed up, I’m covering the story for her no matter what. No matter what. Whether it’s my fault or her fault. Whether she antagonized me. Whether she pushed my buttons.


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