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(San Bernardino, CA)  —  Thieves who broke into one office apparently had regrets after learning they’d burglarized a charity.  San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services Executive Candy Stallings tells she was called when the alarm went off.  The place was ransacked, and a laptop, speakers, books and other items were gone.  She adds that she was stunned when, a couple of hours after leaving the crime scene, she was asked to return because the items had been returned.  Stallings admits she “got chills” when she saw the note from the robbers, who wrote that they had “no idea” they had targeted an organization that helps others.  They added that they were giving the things back, and hoped the charity would “continue to make a difference in people’s lives.”  Despite the thieves’ change of heart police are continuing to investigate, and the suspects — if caught — will still be prosecuted. 


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08-12-2013 00:15:42

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