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Did Fourth of July fireworks attract the attention of some out-of-this world friends in Cypress? One family reports a close encounter with a UFO sighting following some Independence Day festivities.

From Houston to Harper and all points in between, the skies above Texas are a great place to eyewitness UFO events each week.  We’ve scoured the files of the Mutual UFO Network to bring you the following dispatches:

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Around midnight Friday, a family reports observing a bright green UFO flying north in Cypress. But, unlike the glowing embers and sparks of the fireworks they were watching, this light continued to travel closer to the home, turning red in color.

“After a few seconds of watching it, the object turned neon blue, and split into [two] objects,” the eyewitness reported. “It only lasted for a few seconds before it returned into one big green and red object.”

Once over the house, the family retreated indoors. When they returned outside, the family said they begin to hear a piercing noice that increased in intensity after observing the object at a distance from the home. Once again, the family retreated indoors.

“Nobody (sic) of the people that experienced it really believed in aliens, but we are firm believers. now,” the respondent wrote.

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Two eyewitnesses observed three separate UFOs above their home in Galveston around 10 p.m. on June 30. The couple described the objects as similar to a hot air balloon with “bright, flame-like flickering, intensely red lights in the center.”

As one UFO traveled quickly inland, becoming larger and more dim as it traveled, a second appeared brighter while traveling in the same direction. A third ascended upward and disappeared in the southwest sky.

No military exercises or reports of the sightings were reported to the local Air National Guard or Coast Guard, according to the report.


An eyewitness who was outside smoking in the early morning hours of July 1 reports seeing a swift-moving object in the skies above North Houston. The UFO burned white and blinked as it streaked in a southwestern direction.

“The light was blinking on/ off with a long pause in between. The object seemed to be pulsating,” the eyewitness writes. “This was not an aircraft, nor a meteorite.”

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A couple traveling in between Highways 117 and 170 on Route 377 reported seeing three 3 yellow-orange lights dash across the sky, one after the other.

The sighting happened around 11 p.m. July 4. The respondent and his girlfriend observed as they broke form and began flying in a triangular formation, before disappearing from sight.


An eyewitness in the midst of a training exercise reports seeing a star-like object swirling in the sky in the early morning hours of June 27th.

“After [two] track formation movements the light stopped and disappeared,” he writes. “Approximately [five] minutes later it appeared again and completed a race track formation again and disappeared more quickly that (sic) the first time.”

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