Outing people as gay or lesbian isn’t nice. In fact, you might get the hurt put on you if you do it. That’s the message one man may have been delivered after he claimed Tyler Perry was once “a gay black man” who has since abandoned the gay community. And now, Tyler is responding with some interesting comments.

Walter Lee Hampton II posted a video on YouTube on April 16 which details his complex and close relationship with Tyler, who as a playwright allegedly said his popular Madea stage performances would not continue to garner financial and critical success if he came out.

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“No one can know that I’m gay,” Tyler allegedly told Walter. “If people find out I’m gay, I’m going to lose the support of black church members.”

He also claims Tyler Perry stole the idea for Madea from a drag queen show.

But, after the release of the video, he was allegedly attacked by a group of men and received 120 stitches after suffering damage to his face, according to Mr. Obnoxious blog.

Tyler Perry’s Ex-Friend Attacked After Outing Him! [PHOTOS]
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While Walter is staying mum on the attack now, some speculate the attack may be related. Granted, according to Mr. Obnoxious, he is also a serial attack dog online allegedly throwing shade at people through YouTube and social media.

Meanwhile, Diary of a Hollywood Street King has posted a portion of a blog that Tyler wrote in which he urges his fans to leave the past behind them, leading some to speculate he is quietly acknowledging an alleged homosexual past.

Listen to me, you can’t change anything that you have done in your past, all you can do is go forward. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how many things you have done wrong, you have got to move forward. That is your past and there is no future in it. And the only way to move forward is to ask for forgiveness from the people who you have hurt and wronged. Whether they forgive you or not you must ask… sorry that’s just the way it is. If you don’t you will continue to reap bad things from what you have done to them, even if they don’t forgive you.

All this begs two questions: Is it ever right to out someone, or should Walter have just kept his mouth shut and let Tyler do it on his own, if he is indeed a closeted or former black gay man? And two, do you think Tyler is hiding the truth?


Tyler Perry’s Ex-Friend Attacked After Outing Him! [PHOTOS]
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