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Startling new information about a controversial soda ban in New York City is revealed after a space shuttle is tagged in a weekend vandalism spree.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise, which was closed to New York visitors after damage sustained by Hurricane Sandy, was spray painted by vandals Saturday night.

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The vandalism occurred less than a month after appropriations for the Intrepid Museum, which included security for the Enterprise, were re-assigned as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s campaign to stem soda and other sugary drink sales.

That fact, Houston Congressman John Culberson says, illustrates why the Big Apple should never have received the shuttle in the first place.

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“Houstonians were frustrated enough to find we would lose that important piece of history to New York,” he said. “But, to then learn that the investment was not there to protect it smacks of total disrespect for those who built the space program here.”

The $4 million funneled away from the Intrepid is used to market the new soda initiative to New Yorkers, plus to pay for enforcement, reports the Mayor’s Office.

“Mayor Bloomberg possesses a strong commitment to the security of New York,” spokesperson Marc La Vorgna said. “That includes, incidentally, protecting New Yorkers from the threat posed by 32 oz. soft drinks.”

The proposed ban would limit sugary drinks to 16 oz. or less at city regulated venues, including bars, restaurants, and movie theaters.

A state Supreme Court judge struck down the controversial provisions of the ban March 11, arguing loopholes would make enforcement difficult, reports Yahoo! News.

The city appealed the ruling last Friday, asking the judge to lift the ban.

The New York Police Department is investigating the vandalism meanwhile, but so far, have no leads.

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