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My friends will quickly tell you that I am the most organized person that they know! lol!  I have self diagnosed myself as having OCD because I am quick to reorganize the kitchen cabinets once or twice a week! However, I found that my extreme need to be organized has helped me in my personal life.  Every night I make a list. Not a typical to-do-list but a list of daily goals.  All of these goals help me to achieve a greater goal of being a better person.  Here’s what’s on my list…

Spiritual: This goal is just a reminder that I need to pray and read my Word everyday and share it with people.

Personal: An example of this could be “Take a long bath” or “Get my nails done”. My personal goal is to treat myself

Work:  Maybe it is something that I need to complete or maybe I just write “Have The Best Show Ever”

Friendship:  This could be just simply sending a text or call to let a friend know you are thinking of them

Giving:  Everyday we can help someone.  So I make sure I find one way to help someone…maybe helping a friend with a problem or giving $ to a homeless person.

Fitness:  I have a goal everyday to do something.  One the days I don’t go to the gym, I will do 300 crunches.

Alani:  This could be “Help Alani with school project” or “Take Alani to the book store today”

Tasks:  This is the actual “To Do List” part of my list

I also have weekly lists!  On there I will find a different place every week for my daughter to experience something fun but ONLY IF SHE IS GOOD DURING THE WEEK!

This may seem tedious but it helps me to stay focused.  I am able to make sure that I am taking care of the things that are most important to me.  Give it a try!

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