Billboard releases their top 10 money makers of 2016. The list starts with the top-earning money maker Beyoncé aka Queen Bey! View the 10 top list below: Beyonce ($62.1M) Guns N’ Roses ($42.3M) Bruce Springsteen ($42.2M) Drake ($37.3M)  Adele ($37M) Coldplay ($32.3M) Justin Bieber (30.5M) Luke Bryan (27.3M) Kanye West (26.1M) Kenny Chesney ($25.4M) via: […]

Diddy stopped by the “Ellen” show and talked about partying with Beyoncé, why he loves to give back and why he wants to get taken off the Forbes list.  Check it out below!

Forbes just released its second annual list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women and it comes as no surprise the Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce landed on it. Both Queen Bey and Mama O are legendary innovators in their respective fields. Winfrey almost single handedly built her brand as the queen of all media and Beyoncé’s music-making empire has earned […]

Way before Meet Dave, Norbit, The Klumps, or Shrek, Eddie Murphy was one of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. That’s why it was such a big deal that he told jokes on stage while receiving the Mark Twain Award for Comedy for the first time since before most millennials can remember. In total, it’s been 28 […]

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My friends will quickly tell you that I am the most organized person that they know! lol!  I have self diagnosed myself as having OCD because I am quick to reorganize the kitchen cabinets once or twice a week! However, I found that my extreme need to be organized has helped me in my personal […]


JJ’s Top 5 Reasons You Need To Be At The Car Show! #5.     There are _______ performers on ONE STAGE which makes this concert one of the biggest shows in HOUSTON!!!!! #4.    J Cole is cute and he is going to be there. #3.    I Said So. #2   There really […]

Be sure to check out Naughty by Nature at this year’s Car Show!!!! Here are my top 3 songs to get ya hype to see them on stage!!!! #1. Uptown Anthem #2.  Hip Hop Hooray #3.  Feel Me Flow

With an estimated $165 million earned from may 2011 to may 2012, Oprah Winfrey clocked in as the highest-paid celebrity on Forbes Magazine’s annual list of celebrity top earners. Also on the list was Dr. Dre, who ranked fifth on the list with $110 million earned,  and Tyler Perry, who came in at sixth with […]


The big deals are done, with Carmelo Anthony finally ending the speculation without making a spectacle, he made a solid debut for the NY Knicks this week. NBA Player Deron Williams Finds Out He’s Traded To Nets Watching ESPN In case you didn’t get the news about all the other moves that were made on the […]