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#1 Clarisonic Brush- a friend recommended this product to me over the summer.  I had saw a video on Good Morning America that showed how to use this brush and she tested it against other brushes and felt that it was the best of all.  So i decided to check it out.  It is a little pricey.  About $125 and up.  But I will admit, it is worth it!  My skin became clearer in just a few days and after once use you can immediately tell that you face is much cleaner.  My spa even uses the Clarisonic brush during facials.  One thing that is very important…CLEAN YOU BRUSH AFTER EVERY USE!!!  I just pour a little hydrogen peroxide over the brush and put it back in its container.  This helps to remove the dead skin and cooties that are left on your brush after you wash your face!

#2 Clean Your Makeup Brushes -I worked as a makeup artist for MAC for a few years and that is when I learned the importance of cleaning your brushes.  Germs, dust, dead skin can build up on your brushes and all you are doing is rubbing it into your skin over and over if you don’t clean them.  I use a shampoo to clean my brushes and lay them flat to air dry.  You can also use brush cleanser.

#3 DON’T SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON….EVER!!!! This is a MAJOR No No!!! It will get in your pours and create a big mess on your face!!!

#4  Treat Yourself To A Facial At Least Once A Month- I know that facials at a spa can be kinda expensive but  there are “at home” facials you can do too.  I like to use Origins “charcoal mask”.  Facials help give a deep clean to your skin.  It’s just like cleaning the house.  Maybe you straighten up during the week but eventually you need to mop, dust, move furniture and clean out the cushions. lol!

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