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Only 26 days away from the new year! I’m pretty excited about 2013! *Given that the world doesn’t end on Dec 21st like the Mayan Calendar says.*  2012 was both a tough and amazing year.  I lost my father this year in April.  That was pretty hard.  I still haven’t  gotten over it and probably never will. But despite my father’s death a lot of great things happened this year.  My show was #1 all year…I met some of the most amazing people this year…I love my job and co-workers and I’ve had a great year learning Houston.

Next year, I have a few goals that I am eager to accomplish.  I’m going to challenge myself to have new experiences…do some things that I have never done before…maybe skydive…see some of the Wonders of the World…travel more…be more active in my daughter’s school…take time to talk to my out of town friends more often…stay positive…don’t sweat the small stuff…the list goes on forever.  All in all my goal is just to be a better person that the year before!

I can do it!





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