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Monday my daughter started “Big Girl School”!!!  She has official entered Kindergarten!  Being in school isn’t new to her though.  She has been in Pre-K for a year so she is use to getting up, putting on a uniform and even being around the big kids. She was very excited to start Kindergarten.  She went to be early at 8PM (THIS NEVER HAPPENS PEOPLE!!!!) and the lights went off!

I woke her up to our traditional “Wake Up Song”.  I’ve been singer her this song since she was 1!! Sometimes she sings along…sometimes she pulls the covers over her head. LOL. I also got up early to cook breakfast.  Our daily breakfast consists of egg whites, turkey bacon and fruit.  Every once in a while I will let her eat her favorite cereal but we keep it healthy!  She only ate a little bit.  I recon she was nervous.  So we grabbed her sparkly book bag, lunch box that looks like a purse (SMH) and her huge shopping bag of school supplies and headed to school.

I am very blessed that her school is only 5 minutes from our home.  We got there in no time and I walked her inside.  The teachers had the kids sectioned off in the cafeteria by grade.  I went to give her a kiss before she sat down and she covered her face!!!  Later she told me that other kids would make fun of her.  BUT ITS THE FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!  Looks like my baby girl is already grown!!! :(

She had a great day overall.  She likes her teachers and she told me that she loves language class the most.  I certainly hope that she enjoys it all year!!!

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