TGIM or Nah? LOL I woke up feeling good, but let’s face it…nobody REALLY likes Mondays. Mondays should be included as part of the weekend, if ya ask me. AS A MATTER FACT…I’m gonna write a letter. Let’s start a petition, people. Team work makes the dream work. Let’s make our dreams a reality, baby. […]


  It’s important to practice health and fitness with your kids at a young age. Make it known that health and fitness is apart of their lifestyle. #GetFit #Health #Fitness #Kids #ImMeFoundation đź’•. Kid friendly activities: 1) Walk around the neighborhood before dinner with the entire family. 2) Put your child in a recreational activity […]

The Hip-Hop Preacher Eric Thomas is doing things a little bit differently; he’s Thanking God for Mondays (T.G.I.M). Today, he’s taking a couple of minutes to help us define what Amazing looks like. I can tell you one thing that IS amazing…ET’s ability to put our world in a perspective that some of us may have never […]

Want to shop safe this cyber Monday? Here’s some information from News 92 FM’s Bonnie Petrie: The number of people shopping online for the holidays…

With Halloween coming next week, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. By now you’ve seen your favorite stores bulk up on holiday items and with that said, it’s time to formulate a money-saving game plan with some power shopping tips from economist Alonzo Peters. Tips include: Mark your calendar for free shipping day Take […]

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Monday my daughter started “Big Girl School”!!!  She has official entered Kindergarten!  Being in school isn’t new to her though.  She has been in Pre-K for a year so she is use to getting up, putting on a uniform and even being around the big kids. She was very excited to start Kindergarten.  She went […]

New hot video from Miguel, check it out below:

A Los Angeles, California, judge refused Monday to ban Dr. Conrad Murray, charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death, from practicing medicine in the state. The California medical board had asked the judge to add the prohibition to bail conditions for Murray, who was the pop star’s personal physician when he died. Michael Jackson’s […]