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Kanye West famously gave his award to UGK after “Stronger” beat “International Player’s Anthem” at the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards. “I looked at Busta and I said, ‘Definitely UGK should have won this,’” West said during his acceptance speech. Pimp and Bun won Best Video the following year at the BET Awards. Sadly, Pimp C didn’t get to enjoy the spoils. He died on December 4, 2007.

Bun B: I think a lot of things had a part to play in [André doing the video]. I think the fact that it was UGK and Pimp had just come home from prison played a key part in it. I think the fact that it was an OutKast and UGK record, so that everything wasn’t necessarily on [André’s] back played a big part in it. I think the biggest part in them agreeing to do the video was the fact that Bryan Barber was willing to direct it. There is no one else that I think André is probably more comfortable with in front of the camera than he is with than Bryan. He knows Bryan understands the legacy, understands him as a person, knows what he will and won’t do. I basically gave André and Bryan free reign to do whatever video they wanted to do. Bryan’s whole thing was, “Let me pitch it and I can get him to do it.” I was like, “If you can get him to do it, you can make whatever fucking video you want. He agreed to do it. I threw some ideas around, they threw some ideas around, but pretty much we decided to go with his idea of the verse and then playing off of that. Him being married and everybody else trying to get him to not do it, we just basically went along with the theme of the song anyway as his verse pertains to it.


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