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Whether we’re talking the funky fashions of the 70s, or the unusual ways that today’s players choose to step up their game- Russell Westbrook’s shirts, Kevin Durant’s backpacks, Amar’e Stoudemire hats or Carmelo Anthony’s hipster glasses, NBA ballers are always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Buzz Feed breaks down the competition below based on: 1) originality; 2) consistency; and 3) whether they’ve had a spread in GQ.

ORIGINALITY: Blake Griffin probably shares a stylist with any number of other cardigan- and flannel-wearing young Hollywood actors. James Harden probably lets aliens style him.

CONSISTENCY: BG tends to be consistently simple and understated. (Also, he gets points for avoiding fat ties, which seems to be a pitfall for most of the other dudes.) Harden, on the other hand, rocks the backpack-and-button-down look as often as he does the off-color blazer and matching bow tie. And the beard has to be included in this discussion; as far as having a signature style emblem, Harden’s beard is probably tops of any player in the lague.

GQ SPREAD: BG: Sort of; he shares it with a few other guys. Harden: A little blog love, but no spread.

WINNER: Harden. Steez in spades.


ORIGINALITY: God is Amar’e original. Tuesday night, he rocked a cut-off denim jacket and fedora and sunglasses indoors. And Rondo’s pretty similar — just look at that jacket ^^^^ — but not quite as frequently out there.

CONSISTENCY: Amar’e’s often nuts, but he also takes the whole thing pretty seriously; that picture above is him with GQ editors Michael Hainey and Jim Moore during NYC Fashion Week. Rondo’s far more casual about it, usually letting his glasses carry the brunt of the avant-garde burden.

GQ SPREAD: Amar’e: No. Rondo: No.

WINNER: Giving the round to Amar’e, though not without reservations. Stoudemire’s sleeveless denim costumes just don’t translate from American Graffiti to real life in 2012. But Rondo needs to lose these god-awful hats. They make him look like he’s auditioning for The Artist.


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