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TV Analyst & Journalist Roland S. Martin stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show to give us his Cookout Rules for this Memorial Day.

Check them out below and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON ABOVE!

1. “If you’re child support payments are not up to date, you are not invited to the cookout.”

2. “If you are having burgers and hot dogs, we are not showing up…that’s a cookout for kids, not grown people…you betta have some ribs, brisket, chicken, links and if you can’t afford it, don’t have a cookout.”

3. “Off brand soda or beer will get you 2 smacks upside your head and an immediate ejection from the cookout….you don’t want your pantry full of off brand soda, who the hell gon’ drink all of that?”

4. “If you drop off your kids to the cookout, I’m calling child protective services. Watch your own bad kids.”

5. “If your new woman comes by and don’t speak to everybody in the house, take her back where you picked her up from…you gotta speak to Big Momma and all the women in my family!”

6. “If you have not been previously pre-certified by my momma, your potato salad and cole slaw can not be put in the cookout rotation.”

7. “To anybody who owe’s me money, hell naw you are not welcome to the family cookout.”

8. “If I tell you to put some “Ross” on, I mean Diana Ross not Rick Ross. You can’t play that at the cookout!”

9. “If you are an ex- felon, you must remain outside at all times!”

10. “If you are in a multi-level marketing program, and you pull out a brochure at the cookout the ex-felon will remove you from the cookout!”

Happy Memorial Day to all of the Veterans and current troops serving in the Unites States Military!

97.9 The Box salutes you!

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