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Comedian Kevin Hart stars in the movie adaptation of Steve Harvey’s bestselling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Think Like a Man is hilarious and I talked to Kevin after a private screening in Dallas.

On his personal life reflecting his role in Think Like a Man:

I have an angel watching over me, because everything I have done in my career has somewhat reflected my personal life and my personal issues… It’s easy for me to grab things from my personal life and incorporate them in whatever project I’m doing. In this particular case me playing Cedric being a divorced guy I just went through the divorce and after all the problems I went through I was able to bring that to the character. I am fortunate enough that me and my ex-wife are very close friends now and it didn’t end ugly but within the ugliness we had for a little bit I was able to use it for Think Like a Man.

On dating advice he would give:

The only advice I would give out is to my little girl. From my experiences in life, you have to make mistakes to learn from your mistakes. There is no such thing as walking a perfect path, eventually you are going to run into something that puts you into a position that you’re not use to being in. You need to experience that. It does nothing but mature you and build character. I wouldn’t be the man today if I didn’t make the mistakes I made… My baby I’m a tell her you have to bump your head a little bit you’ve got to experience some life.

On what mistakes in relationships he made that really matured him:

I think my biggest mistake was just lying. At a young age you feel like you’re protecting people from something by not telling them the truth. Nine times out of ten when you don’t tell the truth you’re protecting yourself ultimately because you feel like this is good but I don’t want everybody knowing. When you give people a decision to make up front and you’re honest about it, you’d be surprised at the results.

Kevin also talked about his rising career, goals and crossing the line. Think Like a Man opens is in theaters Friday.

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