according to MTO A huge scandal is set to ROCK the hip hop world . . . Rev Runs son JoJo Simmons was CAUGHT – trying to PICK UP A TRANNEY on Twitter.

The TRANNEY, who goes by the name Julisa, was reportedly HIT UP by JoJo, who friended her. Well the two began exchanging direct messages, and JoJo gave her HIS NUMBER. It should be noted that Julisa CLEARLY states that she is a TRANNEY in her Twitter profile.

JoJo and the TRANNEY had multiple phone and text exchanges, during which Julisa claims that she MADE SURE that JoJo understood that she was really A MAN!!

And JoJo’s texts seem to CONFIRM that point. As the below messages show, JoJo seemed RELUCTANT to bring Julisa around his friends. And he kept explaining to her that he would not “judge” her.

Anyways, JoJo took to Twitter and ADMITS to knowing her . . . and admits to attempting to SMASH. He claims however, that he THOUGHT she was a woman.

Check out what Julisa has to say on video:

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