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Music cleanses the soul–allowing for a therapeutic release like no other. There are so many artists out there who create music that act as certified stress relievers. Just in case your days are far too long and hectic for you to find great music to chill to, I’ve compiled a list of five albums that are sure-fire stress relievers! Grab your wine, or your vice of choice, sit back and relax. You’ve earned it.

Vindahl from the Boom Clap Bachelors is releasing his debut solo album, Serenity on October 17th. And if you don’t know anything about the Boom Clap Bachelors, please give them a listen. They are a collection of producers, live musicians and DJ’s from Denmark that make some of the best electronically grooving mood music you’ve ever heard. Vindahl teams up with Quadron’s Coco for the lead single, “Head Over Heels.” Pre-order and listen to the album here.

There’s just something about throwing on some Jazz music that takes stress and bends it until it’s sexy. The music is so complex that it teases the brain into thinking that you don’t even need words distracting you. John Coltrane’s Blue Train is a classic Jazz standard that requires your attention. Allow songs like “Lazy Bird” to take you far away from the here-and-now.


Sometimes you just need to cry it out first for a full-on cleansing. Adele’s 21 will allow you to do just that. The British singer/songwriter knows exactly how to look deep within your soul, take what you’re going through, and wrap it in heart-wrenching lyrics that you know of all too well.


Stress relief isn’t all about power ballads and cathartic cries. Sometimes you just want to get hyped up and there’s no one that does that more for me that Weezy. Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter IV proves that once again this man is a record-selling machine. Topping the charts in its first week with 964,00 copies sold, allow Weezy’s well-crafted similes to take your mind farther in to Wayne’s World and away from your own stress.


Just like music is a stress reliever–so is what it causes–dancing! Who better to get you up off of that thang other than the Godfather of Soul? James Brown brings vocal vociferousness and funky rhythms to his soul music, making you want to “dance until you feel better.” Brown’s Millenium Collection pulls together 11 of his biggest hits and will leave you exhausted from dancing, but that’s better than stressed, no?

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