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Soooooo…. once again the Kardashians never cease to amaze us with how comfortable they are in front of a camera, and I guess now the “baring it all whatever the situation” has started to rub off onto Lamar.

Apparently, Lamar feels him and Khloe can’t “take things to the next level” unless he knows that his wifey is having a boo boo on a regular basis… On this week’s episode of “Keep Up With The Kardashians” Lamar claims he has never seen Khloe have a movement and further more believes she is hiding her natural ability to release from him. He feels it’s a hinder to their marriage.

Ummmm….what the hell??!!! I’m all for being open with your partner in all aspects, but feeling incomplete until seeing your wife take a dump, is a new one for me… You be the judge, but honestly this is a bit worse than the season finale of “Khloe & Lamar,” where we took a visit to Khloe’s OBGYN to see if she could produce offspring….




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