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If you’re a New York Yankees fan, it’s safe to say CC Sabathia is one of your favorite players. With his laid back personality and inviting demeanor, there’s no room to question why so many people love him. CC is making his rounds as the spokesperson for the Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams campaign. Pepsi MAX is giving fans a chance to vote for their dream team of 11 legendary players. Each time a person votes, they will be entered to win a chance to play against the fan selected players on their home field.

I (@JaySpeakEasy) had a chance to talk to the Yankee pitcher at the MLB Fan Cave. In our brief conversation, we talked about how the Yankee season is going so far, the toughest part of the game, and hip-hop. Let’s get right into it.

How do you feel about the Yankees’ season thus far?

I feel pretty good. We’ve been having a pretty good year. We’re in second place right now. I think we’ve been playing really well. We had a tough loss against the Angels, but we still have a chance to make the playoffs. So we’ll go from there.

What are your thoughts on catcher, Jorge Posada, being benched?

It’s tough, man. He’s a legend. He’s done a lot for this organization and a lot for this city. I think it is just tough to see somebody go through that. But Posada will be right back where he belongs soon enough. I’m confident in that.

How would you like the Yankee season to end?

Hopefully, we win the World Series. I mean, that’s why I came to New York because we have a chance of winning it every year. Everybody knows that. That’s pretty cool and a special feeling to have.

How do you balance family with being on the road and traveling majority of the year?

That is a hard thing to deal with during the season, but in the summertime, my kids are out of school. I get to hang out with them and spend the time they need when the summer hits. We do whatever we can on days I’m off. But it is part of the life. I get to come home for the off season and they have at home everyday for four months. I wouldn’t trade the time with my family for anything.

I know you’re a big hip hop fan. Who is the rapper you would say most represents your pitching style?

Rick Ross. I think he has the style and attitude are the representation of my pitching style. He is confident and headstrong. My feel like I pitch with a confidence. That’s why I have to go with Rick Ross on that one. Plus, I’m a huge fan of his.

What albums are you listening to now?

Well, you know Watch The Throne just dropped so I’m bumping that heavy. That’s really it. I’m not listening to anything else as of now. Jay-Z and Kanye West have a great album out. I’m definitely enjoying all of the tracks. I have no favorite yet.

Well, thank you for speaking with me. I’m just going to need one favor from you. Speak to whoever you need to speak to, but the people in the bleacher seats are going to need some shade. It’s way too hot for that.

[laughs] Oh, ya’ll a little hot over there? I’ll see what I can do. [laughs]

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