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The show is called, “Whisker Wars,” and here is what they say about the show.

This summer, the fascinating and hair raising world of competitive facial hair growing is on IFC. Whisker Wars, a seven episode reality series produced and narrated by award-winning producer Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, IRT: Deadliest Road, Storage Wars, Ax Men, Coal), it premiered Friday, August 5 at 11:00pm ET/PT.

The series follows a devoted group of whisker warriors as they travel the country competing for top bearding honors in preparation for the World Championship Competition in Trondhjem, Norway. Historically, Germany has long dominated the field but now there is an upstart squad on the horizon – Beard Team USA. In an effort to solidify their standing, more than 80 local U.S. chapters are coming together to form the ultimate American bearding team. Self-appointed Captain of Beard Team USA, Phil Olsen will lead them in their attempt to stage an upset and bring home the World title. However, Phil’s quest quickly shifts from building the team to holding it together as his motives come into question and tensions flare between his star players.

“The eccentricities and dedication of the bearding community is absolutely riveting and once you add the competition element, it becomes a true sporting event,” said Executive Producer Thom Beers “Whisker Wars has it all – rivalry, tragedy, love, jealousy and passion. It’s an epic story.”

You decide, click here to see the clip.  Click here for more details about the show.