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In June of this year Amerie became the latest artist to become romantically involved with their manager or producer. The “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” singer wed her manager Lenny Nicholson joining a sorority that includes members like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey,  just to name a few. If that list of names gives you pause there may be good reason.

Do relationships formed between artists and management or producers ever last?! Let’s take a stroll back and revisit former artist and manager/producer relationships.

1.) Mariah Carey tried love with manager Tommy Mottola in 1993 when she was with Sony and Tommy worked with Mariah on her successful album Music Box. Music Box has sold over 32 million album worldwide, such great success together! However, Tommy and Mariah eventually divorced in 1997.

2.) Nivea and The Dream, these two lovebirds worked together on two of her  albums Complicated and Animalistic. The latter was only released in Japan. The two fell in love and had three kids,  but were divorced in 2007.

3.) The Dream and Christina Milian started to develop content for her fourth album Elope in 2009 where Christina signed under Radio Killa Records. Unfortunately, Elope has never been released and we’re still waiting on that fourth album. Married in 2009 and divorced in 2010 they did not hit the two year mark at least! The Dream has a thing for singers, first Nivea and then it was Christina. Nivea may have gotten the better end of this deal because she actually had released album from The Dream– Christina has none. What singer can we guess will be next for The Dream? (Rihanna?)

4.) Andre Lyon (Dre of Cool & Dre) and Christina Milian were an item before Christina tied the knot with The Dream. Nick Cannon and Christina Milian had just broken up and Christina was working on her third studio album in 2006, So Amazing. Cool and Dre were able to produce 10 out of the 11 tracks which meant lots of personal time for Christina and Dre to fall in love. They were a photogenic couple that only lasted until February of 2009.

4.) Latoya Jackson (yes she does exist) married manager Jack Gordon in 1989 and the marriage wasn’t sweet.  He seemingly kidnapped her from her family and that ‘marriage’ finally ended sometime in 1997. Jack managed her poorly and is said to be the reason why her fame declined in the late 80s and early 90s. For example, Jack was the reason why she did those psychic reading commercials.

5.) Tina and Ike Turner had one bad time as a couple and we are always reminded of that in the film What’s Love Go to Do With It. Ike was physically abusive and took complete control of her career and life until Tina had her epiphany and said ‘no more.’

6.) Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri‘s relationship came as a surprise to many. Janet fell in love with J.D in 2000 or 2001 (no one knows exactly when they got together) and broke up in 2009 after a nine year relationship. J.D worked on a few of Janet’s albums producing and writing, but it was not enough to keep them together.

This was not the first time Janet mixed business and pleasure. Ms. Jackson had a secret marriage to Rene Elizondo back in 1991 but separated in 1999. Rene wrote songs for albums such as Rhythm Nation 1814 and Velvet Rope. Rene also directed the video for “That’s The Way Love Goes,” “Together Again” and “Again.”

7.) Puff Daddy (or Diddy, if you insist) and Jennifer Lopez had a romantic relationship starting in 1999 after working on a few of her albums. J-Lo and Puffy worked together on her album On The 6, J Lo and J Lo: The Remixes. While the two didn’t get married they had a high profile relationship that  ended in February 2001.

J-Lo then decided to marry her back-up dancer Chris Judd in 2001. Why date your back-up dancer when you were with Puff? This relationship was a downgrade that lasted a whole nine months.

8.) Swizz Beatz and Mashonda had a very long marriage until a certain singer came along (Alicia Keys). Swizz produced Mashonda’s debut album January Joy back in 2005 that was only released in Japan. Mashonda was also featured on a few of Swizz’s projects such as “Get No Better” and “Bellybutton” by Cassidy and “Love Is Blind” and “Gotta Man” for Eve.  Wedding bells rang in 2004 and officially stopped ringing in 2010.

Not that things will necessarily end poorly with Amerie and her new love Lenny Nicholson but it’s very much in the air. We can either get great work for the next album or a whole lot of nothing and babies. (I Love You A!) Good luck on this journey!

Sound off on who else you think should be on the list!


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