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Did you know that a lot of beauty products are made by the same company, with the same ingredients, and in many cases, the only difference is the packaging and the price?

When it comes to makeup, there’s a common misconception — if it’s expensive, it must be really good.

“One of the things that drive the price of the product, of course, is the marketing. That’s the number one thing,” beauty expert Rachel Gower said. Gower, owner of the Upper Hand Salon, says you can find budget-friendly products that have the exact same ingredients as their expensive counterparts. In many cases, it’s even the same manufacturer!

Here’s an example: L’Oreal’s color-juice lip gloss and Lancome’s juicy tubes. “It’s the same company, offering the same product, at two different price points and two different locations,” Gowen said. You’ll find Lancome’s juicy tubes for $18 at the department store, while L’Oreal’s lip gloss is $5 at the drug store. When it comes to nail polish, many women say they can’t live without Chanel’s nail lacquer. But when compared to Sally Hansen’s all-in-one quick drying polish, how did the Chanel stack up? “I prefer the Sally Hansen. I think it lasts longer on me because it has a built-in base coat. It has a built-in top coat and fits my lifestyle,” Gower said. And what a price difference! Chanel’s polish is $24. Sally Hansen’s is $5!

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