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After Chris Brown’s explosive blowup at “Good Morning America” last week, it’s reported that ABC wants to book him in a sit down interview with none other than ex-girlfriend Rihanna.. Wow. The network hopes that they will be able to pull this off since the restraining order Rihanna had against Chris was lifted a few months ago.

According to, a source close to ABC News told E! that they wanted to “milk this event for everything that its worth.. it’s all about the ratings…”

Not sure how I feel about that statement.

Another rumor is that the network is thinking about offering Chris a reality show even though E! shut that rumor down right at the source, saying “No, that would never happen.”

What is more likely to happen according to sources close to the network is having Chris and Rihanna sit down and talk for the first time, on television.

E! says that if ABC is able to pull this interview off, Robin Roberts (the same women who Chris sat down with during his Good Morning America interview before he went off in the dressing room), will be the woman orchestrating the television special.

In other Chris Brown news, ABC decided not to press charges against him for his blow up on the “Good Morning America” set, and they are still allowing him to make an appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” this upcoming week.

I hope things continue to go in a positive direction for Chris from here on out! If a special with Chris Brown and Rihanna actually does come to pass, will you watch? I’m anxious to see what will happen! I just hope that the media will not add more fuel to the fire.. guess we’ll just all have to watch and see!

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