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Last night, BET held a special viewing of “The Game” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Among other Bloggers, I was invited to enjoy the festivities and meet the cast of the hit series. For a moment there “The Game” was gone, no more Melanie, Derwin or loud Tasha Mack. Thanks to the fans and Debre Lee, who made an appearance last night, the show was picked up and renewed.

There has been much anticipation of the new season which airs tonight at 10pm on BET.

After enjoying shrimp appetizers and turning down numerous free drinks the cast walked into the room. Immediately Wendy Raquel stood out in a black fitted dress that showcased her curves; her skin glowing and hair flawless.

Damn, she looked good for 40, 30 and even 20. Tia Mowry was just as appealing in person as she is on T.V;her golden locks weren’t as bright as they seem in pictures and actually complimented her skin tone. I was wide-eyed by then, trying to spot out Pooch Hall through the flickering lights and anxious journalists. As the cast stopped stop in font the backdrop Pooch jumped in between Tia and Wendy and he was just as handsome as I had hoped. The photographer beside me snapped a picture of Wendy and complimented her after doing so; she smiled brightly demanding that he let her see—needless to say she is just like her character Tasha Mack. Hosea Chansez unlike the rest of the group is the complete opposite of his character; he was calm and cool. Pooch snatched Tia up for pictures—the audience awed while snapping away.

 His and her playful relationship was natural. Coby Bell’s joking personality came through as he began to interview.

Before the crowd disbursed into a theater to watch the season opening episode I was able to ask Pooch:

 What was one relationship problem you and Melanie faced this season?

“OMG! Dealing with child issues; whether you want a child,whether you don’t accept this child…dealing with my pain if its not my child!”

(When you see the first episode you will understand!)


I couldn’t wait to watch the first episode now! The lights dimmed and the show began with Melanie and Derwin on an Essence photo shoot. Tasha Mack officially managed Derwin and he had turned into a certified football star– well deserved after being called “the rookie” for a season. Malik Wright and the lovely Megan Good share an interesting scene in the bathroom, only to find out that she is girlfriend of The Sabers owner. Jason Pitts and Kelly have split completely but remain sarcastically connected through their daughter. While Jason is holding out for a better salary on The Sabers, Kelly is cleverly staring in her reality show “Ex-Football Wives.” A seed Tasha planted in Melanie’s brain comes back to haunt her and when the opportunity to DNA test Derwin’s son arise, she takes it!

*****END SPOILER*****

Watch the show for the rest!

The Game has always been one of my favorite television shows and I was worried that once BET got it—it would turn into a melee of over dramatic clichés(something like A Tyler Perry movie) and although BET tip toes close to that line at times “The Game” is still funny and good as hell! By the way did I mention that Tasha Mack has a new man and you won’t even believe who it is!!!

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