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Owner Bob McNair announced today that Gary Kubiak will return for his sixth season as the Texans’ coach.

Kubiak admitted that Wade Phillips is a candidate to replace Frank Bush as defensive coordinator.

Kubiak, who fired Bush, linebackers coach Johnny Holland, secondary coach David Gibbs and assistant linebackers coach Robert Saleh, said he wants to compile a list of defensive coordinator candidates as early as tonight and start the interview process as soon as possible.

Kubiak said he has to sell the Texans to the new defensive coordinator and allow him to bring in the assistant coaches he wants. Kubiak said he wants the new defensive coordinator to tell him what he wants as far as assistants and players, and it’ll be the Texans’ job to get them for him.

“I will be talking to people (candidates) as soon as I can,” Kubiak said. “I’ve known Wade a long time. I’ve competed against him. I have a lot of respect for him. I think it’s safe to say that Wade will be a candidate.”

Kubiak said he will have no reservations about switching to a 3-4 scheme if that’s what the new defensive coordinator wants to play.

“It doesn’t matter because we have to get the best guy, and if that’s what he thinks is best for our team, that’s fine with me,” Kubiak said. “It’s all about getting the right guy and doing what’s best for the team.”

Kubiak said it was tough to get excited about returning for a sixth year after he had to fire four coaches who were his friends.

“It’s been a brutal day,” Kubiak said about the firings, “but I appreciate Bob’s confidence in me.

“I work for a great owner who believes in me. I don’t want to let him down. I want to make him proud.”


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