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Brick Squad member Waka Flocka Flame has always expressed how he would love to be doing anything but rap and in his recent interview he expressed another love-wrestling.

In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Waka Flocka states that although he is influencing millions, Hip-Hop is just a business to him and that one thing he’s always wanted to be a pro wrestler.

“That sh*t picked me,” Waka Flocka said in the interview. “I ain’t pick this. I’m trying to tell you, I woulda been a wrestler before rapping. Real talk. I woulda been another Steve Austin. Rapping? Nah.”

Despite countless interviews, tweets and appearances that suggest otherwise, Waka’s mother Deb Atney, states that Waka Flock is very intelligent.

“If you go to his house, you go to his room, he has books galore,” Atney said. “When we doing his tour and we in the stores… he’s buying books—investments and political stuff.”

Although comical, the interview does reveal some deep information about the average skilled rapper. According to Ms. Atney, prior to revealing his rap career aspirations, Waka Flocka was tormented by the death of his little brother-who he felt was partially his fault.

In the interview, Ms Atney recalls the night that Waka told her the truth about what happened to his younger brother, a gifted student who was attending middle school at 10. Atney states that her youngest son, Rahleek, was killed after he was hit by car in 2000 after sneaking out to tutor a fellow student.

“I remember he came to me crying one night asking me to forgive him,” Atney recalled in the interview. “[That’s when he told me] he was the one who told Rahleek to go out that night, assuring his little brother that he’d cover for him. So all this time this kid walked around holding this stuff inside of him.”

Check out the full interview in the latest issue of VIBE on newsstands now