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– Swimsuit season is here and pretty much everybody is beginning their quest to develop their beach body. Just yesterday, one of my classes was double it’s normal size. Last week, one of my students told me she was giving herself four weeks to get in shape, and another said she’s going out of town next week and wants to see some results by then. “Only one week?” I thought to myself, but I can’t control people’s desires, I can only offer advice and help them. Seven days isn’t much, but I gave her a few things to try which may help her achieve something in that period of time.


Of course, exercise is a must, but it’s the type of exercise that matters. The goal is to fire up the metabolism, and long, slow paced jogs simply won’t do the trick. My suggestion was interval training – tabata style. This method involved 20 seconds of all out 120% effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is to be 8 times, for a total of four minutes. Following the sprints, bodyweight exercises can be performed in a similar fashion – push ups, squats and burpees, giving a total of 16 minutes. Granted, 16 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but by the end of the session, you will feel so wiped out that you will think you worked out for an hour.

Want to lose weight? Dance it off!


Sleep plays a key role in losing weight. Research shows that sleep deprivation triggers the release of a hormone that inhibits the production of leptin – a hormone which inhibits hunger – and simultaneously increases ghrelin production. Ghrelin has the opposite effect of leptin – it sends hunger signals to the brain. If you are serious about losing weight, get some shuteye. No more late night talk shows and video gaming (I’m guilty of that one, too.)


Turn your workout into playtime

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