Slim Thug Teams With Jon Stewart To Debut Video


Slim Thug Teams With Jon Stewart To Debut Video

By Nolan Strong


Via: AllHipHop.com

Houston, Texas rapper Slim Thug showcased a brand new track about the recession October 8th on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Slim Thug was featured in a field piece shot in Houston on last night’s show about rappers and the recession.

During the segment, the rapper spoke with Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac about how the Hip-Hop industry has adjusted to the sluggish economy.

On October 8th, Slim Thug’s new parody video “Still A Boss” featuring singer Peter Hadar will premiere, showing how the rapper has scaled back during tough economic times.

The video was co-directed by Cenac and Stu Miller, who also produced the field segment.

“This was the first music video I’d ever worked on and thankfully we had so many top notch video veterans involved from the grips to the DP to the PA’s it was almost impossible for me to screw it up. I tried, but no dice,” Miller told AllHipHop.com.

Miller explained that that goal of the video was to combine the “visual style and standard conventions of a rap music video with our jokes about rappers cutting back in the recession..”

“So, Smart Cars instead of Lamborghinis, clipping coupons instead of pouring Hennessy,” Miller continued. “We wanted it to be a bit more subtle too, and I think (hope) we pulled it off.”

Slim Thug raps on the track:

“My crew rolls deep always spending my stacks/So I made them all dependents on my income tax/If the IRS asks I’ll say they’re my sons/If that doesn’t work, tax man show my funds/Pull out the 1099 and the W-4/Blasting motherf***ers with my credit score”

Miller did say that he was disappointed that Slim Thug didn’t show up with the stereotypical “rap” attitude.

“We were waiting for Slim to give us some of that classic ‘rapper attitude’ we’d heard so much about (showing up late, being surly to the production staff etc.). Unfortunately, as much as I pleaded with him to at least trash the green room on his way out, he just wouldn’t do it,” Miller joked. “Maybe for the next video.”

 “Still A Boss” by Slim Thug featuring Peter Hadar will premiere tonight on Comedy Central at 11:00 PM on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.