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The wife of the man thought to have flown an airplane into an Austin building housing IRS offices today offered her sympathy to the people killed and injured by her husband on Thursday.

“Words cannot adequately express my sorrow or the sympathy I feel for everyone affected by this unimaginable tragedy,” Sheryl Stack said in a statement.

Stack did not discuss any problems with her husband prior to his actions.

“Due to the ongoing investigation related to this tragedy, I feel it is best to make no comment beyond this statement and to not respond to questions of any nature,” Stack said.

Stack has been staying in a house across the street from her home, which was destroyed by fire about an hour before Andrew Joseph Stack is believed to have flown his private airplane into the building housing IRS offices. Stack’s body is believed to have been recovered from the wreckage.

“I want to thank my friends, family, colleagues and neighbors as well as members of my church and others for their expressions of kindness and generosity in our time of grief,” Sheryl Stack said. “We appreciate the understanding and kindness of the news media in allowing us privacy and the personal space we need to get beyond the events of yesterday.

The friends and neighbors had been refusing to talk to the news media as the entered or left the house.

One other person in the building died and two more were hospitalized after the attack shortly before 10 a.m. on the building in northwest Austin.

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