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“I’m just keeping it crispy with my fans now. I’m turning it into the label tomorrow…”

In between climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, endorsing senate candidates and being frustrated with album leaks, Lupe Fiasco is announcing the completion of his latest album Lasers.

The enemy of the state is officially finished with his third studio album and while unsure of an official release date, Lupe is confirming that the project is a wrap and left in the hands of his label.

He spoke on Lasers in an interview yesterday with DJ Green Lantern of Invasion Radio.

When a fan called in to inquire about the album’s release date, Lupe assured him that the finished product would be turned in to Atlantic Records today saying,

“I’m actually going to turn it in to the label in the morning (Tuesday). I was actually supposed to turn it tonight….I’m turning it in to the label tomorrow and they’re going to do their whole process…. and I’m hoping before the summer.

In the meantime Lupe also took time out to answer more details about Lasers.

A question that’s plagued many fans of the Chi-town lyricist is why Lupe chose to strike out the letter “O” and replace it with the letter “A” in the album’s title.


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