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Minx is definitely the hottest nail trend of the moment, although the ostentatious designs that are so popular among celebs like Rihanna and Eve are somewhat of a put-off to many people.

For the more subtle folks out there, Minx is releasing a new line of nail overlays with a less flamboyant feel. The “Teaser Collection” features 10 solid colors, finished with Minx’s signature iridescent shimmer. The company also plans to release another 30 designs in the next few months.

Take a look at the new Minx Teaser Collection below:

Minx has become hugely popular because of its dual appeal; a flawlessly smooth appearance and complex designs that are virtually impossible to hand paint. The actual Minx applique consists of a solid film, instead of liquid polish, with a heat activated adhesive back that is applied directly to the nail.

Minx can only be applied by certified professional manicurists, at select salons across the country. To find the salon nearest you, go here.

Check out this gallery to see celebs wear Minx, as well as a few other popular nail trends:

Check out these star-studded nails below and try something new with your own!

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