My wife has been getting on me about losing some weight so for the next two weeks I have decided to do the Raw Food Diet.

So yesterday I bought over 12 lbs of fruits and vegetables. Everything from grapes to apples to pears to broccoli to carrots to bell peppers.

This is a drastic lifestyle change from the one I am accustomed to. You know Frenchy’s, Whataburger, coookies, cakes & Mikki’s. (Don’t act like I’m the only one).

After losing an uncle to heart disease in March of ’09 I know I can’t continue to eat this way if I want to see my son grow up. Plus, I have to set a good example for him.

I’ve got friends who have done the diet for 30 days and have lost up to 40lbs.

So I’m going to keep you guys posted on my progress as I go through this process. Wish me luck & if you are reading this and know you need to make a dietary change, I encourage you to stop putting it off. There will never be a “right time” to get started. Like Nike says “Just Do It”.

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