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HOUSTON — A single glass of wine or a bottle of beer may not be enough to make everyone feel the affects of alcohol, but some are pushing for tougher rules that would make people think twice about getting behind the wheel after having a drink of any kind.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas has one of the highest number of driving while intoxicated crashes and fatalities in the country.


In January, the Texas Legislature will consider passing a “driving while ability impaired” law. The law would allow officers to penalize drivers who have a blood-alcohol level of .05 to.07, which is below the .08 limit required to be charged with driving while intoxicated.


State Sen. John Whitmire said the law has the wrong focus.


“I think we need to focus on the real DWI offenders,” he said. “Particularly repeat offenders.”


Whitmire said the .05 limit would also effect the state’s economy within the hospitality industry.


“The economic impact of what it would do to restaurants, sports events, you’d essentially have to cut out all alcohol,” Whitmire said.


Colorado and New York already have similar laws in place.