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‘Dancing With the Stars’ will be in full lock-down mode Monday night when Bristol Palin takes the dance floor after a threatening letter containing suspicious white powder was received at the production office Friday.

“Everyone is on high alert,” an insider tells me. “It’s like a scene from ‘The Bodyguard,’ with Bristol playing the leading lady.”

The ABC show confirmed that measures were taken to ensure everyone’s safety before it was determined that the substance was talcum powder, but would not comment on the additional measures insiders tell me will be in place for Monday’s live show.

“Nowhere in the world is going to be more secure than the ‘Dancing’ set on Monday,” an insider tells me. “The audience will all go through extreme security checks and not even the president of the United States could get backstage without the appropriate credentials that evening.”

Staff at the show have never seen anything like this before, with unprecedented security costing the producers hundred of thousands of dollars.

“This is a dancing competition, for god’s sake,” an ABC source tells me. “None of us signed up for this. We should just be worrying about getting the best shots and making sure all our lighting cues are tight, now we are all worrying about our safety. It’s just not right.”

Good luck Monday, Bristol. You are showing amazing grace under pressure that no one should have to deal with.