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Last summer Simone Biles won all our hearts with her astonishing, record-breaking turn at the 2016 Rio Olympics where she won a whopping five gold medals. Since then, she has enjoyed a whirlwind of TV and event appearances, frequent red carpet moments and she even got the opportunity to meet Barack and Michelle Obama. Well […]

The hot and heavy relationship ended after five months.

The 'Slut Walk' founder says producers made the competition sound easier than it was

Amber Rose is an author, entrepreneur, talk show host, freshly minted actress, and more – so why does the media exclusively focus on her past as a stripper?

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Ryan Lochte got the surprise of his life last night on Dancing with the Stars.

In case you missed it, this is how your favorite stars performed on 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Tamar Braxton has been one of my favorite guests because she was able to match my energy, she told some cool stories and she didn’t back down from anything I asked her. For people who are wondering if Tamar’s personality is all an act; it’s not. Her aura is able to light up the room. […]

Two weeks after being released from the hospital for pneumonia and blood clots in her lungs, Tamar Braxton's health is still in critical condition.

Nearly week after serious health problems sidelined her on Dancing With The Stars, Tamar Braxton is getting back to her old self. The Tamar & Vince star was clearly feeling much better when she announced to her fans that she’s leaving the hospital. She was so excited that she had to hit a high note […]