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Dr. Dre to release Detox by December?

West coast legendary producer Dr. Dre is finally ready to releaseDetox and in a recent interview, states that fans may be listening to it before the end of 2010.

In an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Dre states that fans may able to cop his album by December.

“I am actually almost finished with it,” Dr. Dre said in the interview. “I only have a few more finishing touches and then have to get some clearance and that will put it out in about 30 days from there.”

Dr. Dre also talks about the extensive delay with the album and why it took so long to release a single.

“Man, I just wanted it to be right,” Dr. Dre continued. “I wanted to feel good about it, like I do now. I really wanted the album to be something I wanted to pt out and not out of obligation.”

Dre also talked about the newly released unofficial turned official single “Kush”.

“It’s crazy because it wasn’t supposed to be released,” Dre said. “But unfortunately with technology you can’t stop it, but “Kush” wasn’t supposed to be the lead because I didn’t want people to think that is what the album is about. “Kush” is actually the only track talking about weed and smoking on the entire album.”

With all of the releases around the holidays and the shutting down of Limewire, looks like the industry may be able to start reviving.


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