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Rap icon Jay-Z returns today with his latest project, but fans won’t find this release in the music section. Hov will be discussing his life and the meaning behind the lyrics to some of his biggest hits in the new memoir “Decoded.” Jay-Z explores the difficulties growing up in the streets of New York writing, quote,

“I lost people I loved, was betrayed by people I trusted, felt the breeze of bullets flying by my head.”

He goes on to reveal that firearms were easier to obtain in his neighborhood than public assistance, noting, quote,

“There were times when the violence just seemed like background music.”

While his upbringing was difficult, Jay-Z says his childhood ultimately made him the success he his today. He explains, quote,

“This is what the streets have done for us, for me: They’ve given us our drive; they’ve made us stronger. Through hip-hop we found a way to redeem those lessons, and use them to change the world.”

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