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Passion Pain & Pleasure couldn’t have come at a better time. Few R&B albums have been released within the last weeks and our ears were yearning to be moistened with a soft tongue (pun intended).

Trey takes a softer approach with this album compared to Ready. The LP (besides “Bottoms Up”) maintains a mellow vibe for the most part. To no ones surprise, the “Here We Go Again” intro is an up-beat tune, something almost befitting a rap album. Not to fret though, “Love Faces” (which is slightly reminiscent of R.Kelly in his “Feelin’ On Yo Booty” days) quickly reminds us that this is not a rap album.

Trey Songz is among the few  artists who have mastered the technique of erotic story-telling. “Love Faces” is an aural experience from the opening line( “Pulled up in a drop-top Benz hit the horn two times and you walked outside”) to the closing line (“Messing up the bed while you sweating out your perm and making love faces. My hands rubbing on your skin, let’s go hard don’t hold it in.”)

The mid tempo track “Alone” has a ‘feel-good’ vibe to it even though Trey has to use a napkin to scoop some eye candy’s number from the club. “Bottoms up” is thrown into the mix and even though it’s one of the hottest tracks currently on the radio, it doesn’t quite fit the flow of the album.“Bottoms Up” is the ultimate club hit with one of Nicki Minaj’s most popular verses–“If a b*tch try to get cute, imma snuff her, throw a lot of money then yell f*ck her” but it should have been a bonus on the album.

Now here comes the pain.The second single off Three P’s “Can’t Be Friends” is a soulful ballad dedicated to the loss of a good friend to love’s unmerciful boundaries. It’s the perfect mixture of the Passion Pain & Pleasure. Trey’s soulful vocals work cohesively over the pounding beat.

If for some reason after the first twelve songs you aren’t turned on and drawn into Treys vibrato count on “Ding Dong” turning you on and all the way out. The beat is somewhat exotic and fully erotic. Trey rides the beat harder than an anxious groupie in his dressing room. “Guess who’s coming to dinner tonight?” The production on this song is flawless (and might I add my chair got a secret lap dance as I listened).

“Already Taken” rounds out Passion Pain & Pleasure.

Trey said he would make a million “Invented Sex’s” if he needed to and if you are a true Trey Songz fan you know that he has been making songs better than that for years now. Passion Pain & Pleasure has some of that good old “Gotta Go” Trey you love and some new school flavor added to the mixture. I enjoyed that Trey Songz album isn’t flooded with features from overrated artists out of their sexual element. It is purely Trey divulging his bedroom fantasies and love tales. Passion Pain & Pleasure doesn’t quite measure up to his previous album“Ready.” There are a couple tracks on Passion Pain & Pleasure that I can do without, but all in all it is a good album that delivers classic R&B. You expect a certain sound from him and the good thing about Trey is that he delivers exactly that, and he does it right on time.

Best Songs: Doorbell, Love Faces

The album is worth buying!

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