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Cash Money rapper Bow Wow is revealing what Lil Wayne told him while he continues his stay in a Rikers Island prison cell.

The rapper and “Lottery Ticket” actor says he recently visited him behind bars and the YM label head advised him and his affiliate Drake to stay out of trouble because jail “ain’t built for cats like us.”

Speaking with Nnete of 97.9 The BOXX Houston, he says,

“It was a humbling experience and one thing he told me when I went to visit him was ‘Bow, This aint for us, this aint it.. This aint built for cats like us. They don’t understand us we don’t understand them.. don’t do it man, just stay out of trouble you and Drizzy yall stay clean yall stay doing what yall do yall can do this forever.  all of this, it aint worth it . I knew he meant it, cause Tune never lectures me like that but he was serious.’ His spirits are high. When he gets out we definitely planning on this Young Money Cash Money Tour, myself, Nicki, Drizzy Wayne and the whole entire family.”

Bow Weezy also boasted about his YM/CM team and says that their diversity adds to their worth from his rapping/acting ability to Wayne’s lyrical capability, his team is strong.

“We’ve got the hottest female rapper which is Nicki, we’ve got the newcomer which is Drizzy, you’ve got Wayne—you ain’t even gotta talk about what he’s capable of doing and then you add me to the puzzle. I’m 23 and I can juggle both.”

Before ending the interview, Bow also adds that “top female rapper” Nicki Minaj auditioned for the role of Nikki in his Lottery Ticket film that hits theaters today but unfortunately didn’t make the final cut.

“To be honest Nicki was close to being “Nikki” in the movie…I was responsible for that. I said let’s get Nicki out here to audition and I called Nicki and she actually auditioned. I thought she did good but unfortunately you know how things don’t work out…”



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