Porn star Montana Fishburne recently sat down in an interview to discuss her relationship with Brian Pumper.

In an interview with Skyyjohn, Montana reveals that her relationship with Pumper is not as cool as it once was.

“I really don’t talk to Brian anymore,” Montana said.I don’t have any conversation with him, but meeting him was a bad decision. I don’t have any hateful words to say towards him, but I don’t deal with him.”

In addition to discussing Brian Pumper, Montana’s boyfriend J. Pipes discusses his relationship with Montana despite her having sex with other men.

“It was weird at first, but business is business,” Pipes said. “You can’t mix business with your feelings. You have the ability to adjust your mind to react to things differently and that way it’s not that bad.”

Montana also took time to address the allegations that she was a prostitute prior to entering porn.

“I worked at a gym before this, Montana said. “The rest is a lie.”


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