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Rumor has it that Amber Rose and her best friend/lesbian lover/”sister” Dez are officially on the outs.

According to a source, Amber told Dez’s boyfriend, singer Mario, that Dez was only using him, in an attempt to break them up.

COUPLE ALERT: Mario & Amber Rose’s “BFF” Dez

But it didn’t work, Mario didn’t believe her.

However, when Dez found out what Amber had done, she took to her Twitter account and aired out all of Amber and Kanye’s personal business, including the fact that Amber recently got dumped.

She Tweeted these, but later then deleted them:

However, you can still see these Tweets on her page, regarding trust and real friends…

Dez and Amber met about 10 years ago in Philly when they were both working as strippers.

Mario’s Girlfriend Got Hit Upside The Head With A Bottle?

Mario & GF Follow In Kanye & Amber’s Footsteps

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