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For those who do not know (looks to left at the adult on their sidekick beside me) Side Kicks are “toys” and anyone out of Junior High School should not have one! Adults should not play with things that light up and make noise unless its a vibrator. We have come up with some alternatives for your sidekick…

Ways to know if your SideKick has to go:

You are over 15.

You have a job where texting isn’t allowed.

Your child has a blackberry.

When you went to purchase your kick you couldn’t figure out where the keyboard was.

Your child is embarrassed when you make a phone call.

We can’t just tell you to stop using a kick and not recommend something to replace it with so here are some suggestions:

We figured that you have T-Mobile

Blackberry Bold Retails @ $99 From t-mobile (With 2-year contract)

Click here, for full features.

T-Mobile My Touch 3G Slide Retails @ $179.99 (With 2-year contract)

The HTC HD2 Retails @ $199.99 (With 2- Year Contract)

Click here, for full features.

The Touch Pro 2 Retails @ $199.99 (With 2-Year Contract)

Click here, for full features.

And if all else fails we know you like toys so…

Retails @ about $5 from Toys R’ Us

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