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If you’re a fan of Abbott Elementary, then you know kindergarten teacher Mrs. Barbara Howard is a no-nonsense kind of gal. She plays by the rules, enunciates all syllables, and seems to clean every crevice in her classroom, which is why it always looks immaculate.

Similar to her character Mrs. Barbara Howard, Sheryl Lee Ralph is a woman of distinct diction and cleanliness. And after faithfully using Microban 24 (a 3-in-1 sanitizing product that allows people clean, sanitize and disinfect the surfaces in their homes) during the pandemic, the actress manifested the perfect partnership with the cleaning brand. “I discovered Microban right as Covid hit. We couldn’t get that usual disinfected spray that we all were using because it quickly became unavailable. But there was this new product out there, and my husband was laughing at me, saying, ‘you and your fake products,’ and I said, ‘it’s not fake; it’s real’! It is what has turned out to be Microban 24, and Microban – it just works,” claimed Ralph.

Ralph was more than excited to accept the partnership with Microban 24 since this was her go-to product during the height of the pandemic. Reminiscent of her success in the acting world, the partnership with Microban 24 was divine timing. “When I was asked if I could represent the line, I was like, oh my God, that is my pandemic product, and now here it is working in real life. Sometimes you get the thing you didn’t even know you really, really needed,” expressed Ralph.

Ralph was recently awarded an Emmy and Critics’ Choice Award for her outstanding role as Mrs. Barbara Howard in Abott Elementary. When the singer talks about Mrs. Howard, you can hear the adoration for the character in her voice. “There’s always a seed of who you are in these characters. And I would have to say that Mrs. Barbara and I are definitely aligned. One, I want those around me to succeed. I want them to learn from the lessons that life is there to teach you, and I want them to pay attention. Pay attention! Whether you’re in the classroom or on your way to the classroom or just observing, pay attention,” declared Ralph.

If there is such a thing as the quintessential Black woman, it would closely resemble Sheryl Lee Ralph. The original Dreamgirls‘ actress moves with the elegance and poise of a queen. Coupled with her regal vibe are heaps of gems that she readily recites. She attributes her grace and astuteness to her mother. “My mother taught me the wisdom of understanding balance. That you must have balance in life. Too much of anything is just that, too much. And if it takes away your balance as you walk in life, you have to take the time to stop and fix it. So that has really carried me very well through life…seeking my own personal balance. Too many people try to compare and compete. It never works. The only loser is you,” proclaimed Ralph.

As a descendant of a fashion innovator, Ralph came by her chic, relentless grind, honestly. Her mother, Ivy Ralph, invented a leisure suit in the Caribbean called the Kareeba. Much like her mother, Ralph has a knack for style. The icon answered in true Sheryl Lee Ralph form when asked what her favorite style era is. “I love them all, especially the ones where I look my best!”

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