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Alligator in a swamp

Source: Todd Ryburn Photography / Getty

Florida is known for all kinds of weird moments and foolery, but yesterday a video of a man capturing an alligator with a trash bin might’ve been the wildest thing we’ve seen from the Sunshine State so far.

In a video that’s been making the rounds on the internet, Abdul Gene Malik became America’s version of Crocodile Dunn-D when he used a plastic trash bin to corner an alligator in front of his house and was somehow able to trap it and remove the threat from the neighborhood. Slowly approaching the very alert alligator with the open trash bin, Dunn-D told onlookers to let him know when the head of the alligator was in the bin so he could close the bin on the wild animal. Interestingly enough the idea worked!

Not only did Malik capture the alligator, but he was kind enough to roll the trash bin down a hill and release the gator back into the wild.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about the encounter, Malik says he was a little scared about the situation as it was transpiring, but ultimately he had to do what he had to do.

“I’m a vet — I’ve been through it all! I was just in full dad mode trying to protect my children.”

Well said, sir.

Check out the video of the ordeal below and give that man his props.

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