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Consider Paul Wall amongst the wave of celebrities who aren’t jumping in the shower every single day.

The Po Up Poet and Hall of Fame Hustler joined Good Morning H-Town on Thursday as our first special guest in well over a year and after Keisha Nicole asked him about the string of celebrities announcing if they do or don’t shower, Paul let it be known: he may not be on Ashton Kutcher’s level when it comes to not bathing unless he sees dirt, but he does have a routine for when he does hop in the water.

“We got an inside joke, me and my boy Gu … we always joke about how I’m on the road and they’ll be like, ‘Man, you need to take a shower.’ Nah, it ain’t Saturday. It ain’t Sunday,” he told Jessica Jeanz, Keisha Nicole and J Mac. “I take a shower once a month! [Laughs] Nah, it ain’t that bad. You know, baby ain’t gonna handle that. My wife is not gon’ handle that. She’s not gon’ have me walking about the house, stankin’.”

As to when Paul does shower? “Every few days,” he answered. “I’m not saying every few days as in more than two … three. It could be more than thirteen … nah, but I shower every few days. But I ain’t gon’ like, I don’t wear deodorant. On mamas, I used to! But it’s something you gotta get out of your system. When I stopped wearing deodorant? I stopped being as funky as when I sweat.”

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“I will say this, though,” he added. “If I meet somebody and I’m like, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ And you give somebody a hug, or a half-hug, and they stank and it rubs off on me, that is contagious ’cause I’ll be smelling like roses and then it’s like, ‘Wait a minute.’ I’ll change shirts and I’m still funky.”

He expounded further on why he stopped wearing deodorant in general: “I started hearing things about aluminum in deodorant and other things like that. And it be so hard when you try to go to the store and find deodorant and it might not have aluminum, ammonium, but it might have all these other things. And it’s like, how do I know what’s good and what’s not?”

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